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Case Studies

Medical Device Company

Provided analysis support for medical device manufacturer, providing ongoing cash flow monitoring and reporting. When the company was acquired, stepped in as interim Controller/CFO, completed major cleanup of their books, getting them to public company standards. Implemented 5-day close process for consolidation and reporting. Transitioned work and updated balance sheet to new controller for ongoing operations.

Operational Analysis

Provide ongoing statistical, operational analysis for a manufacturing service company, analyzing the predictive value of their service. Identify opportunities to improve and work with a data scientist to further refine their product. 

QuickBooks Transition

Took a small manufacturer off of an existing Peachtree system and transitioned to QuickBooks Online. Researched and recommended tools to implement with QuickBooks to enable job order costing.

Hospitality Company

Took a hospitality company's books to the next level. Organization had clean books with conscientious bookkeeping. Using Fathom, coupled with QuickBooks, devised a system for consolidating the books on a monthly basis for timely management reporting. Further, developed first-ever budget to provide a roadmap for success and relevant discussion of operations. Finally, devised a method for segmenting and forecasting the business, then transitioned financials, with more than $11M in revenue, to full-time employee for ongoing operations.

Web Designer

Provide annual review and cleanup of financials for a single-member LLC. Review annual profit and loss to ensure that taxes are filed accurately, taking appropriate deductions and reviewing areas that get increased scrutiny to ensure proper documentation (e.g., mileage). File taxes electronically using ProConnect software, enabling instant filing and annual payment plan. Research areas in question to ensure compliance. 

Corporate FP&A

Working on a contract basis with a large company, enable transition from legacy systems to SAP and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) for ongoing management reporting and analysis.  Provided input on standard reports as well as developing competencies in Excel add-in tools for ad-hoc reporting.  

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